Search Engine Optimization


3 types of keywords

Single word 1 word

short tail & 3-4 words

long tail 5-7 words or more (starting business always choose longtail to be ranked)



#Keyword density

#keyword stuffing

#keyword prominence

#keyword proximity

#LSI (latent semantic indexing)

*KW Density

2-3% or 2-3 keywords per 100 words

*Keywords stuffing

10% of keywords

*keyword prominence

Title, Content, URL (Meta title, Meta description, slug) in the blue color on serp [search engine result page-serp]

*keyword proximity:

Gap of 10 words

The actual search term was “class 10 science” but with the KW proximity Gap of 10 words- Class 10 Best institute with NCERT in delhi provided by talent shiksha Solutions for Science.

So still google will consider “class 10 science” as a keyword

But the closer the keyword is, the higher ranking on google.

So less proximity is always good for ranking.

*Latent semantic index:

Same meaning of two or more words

ladies and women

Mobile – Phone

Signal – Network

(2). Content

Onpage content (15% duplicacy or copied content)

-1800-2500 words


-paragraphs of 100 words or 1-3 lines(recommended) or 3-5 lines maximum

-include images and Question marks?

-original or unique

-simple english ( even a class 4 standard can understand your content)

-prefer bullet points

-Use of H1, H2, H3 (Heading)

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